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If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQs or T&Cs regarding our Motorhome Hire, please send us a message and we will get back to you. Don’t worry - there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

  • Who can drive the vehicle?
    Insurance can be provided for drivers between the ages of 25 to 70 years who have held a full licence for a minimum period of 2 years. All drivers are subject to approval by our Insurers. All our vehicles are under 3.5 tonnes so can be driven using a standard licence. We can ask our insurers for approval for drivers aged over 70 - please get in touch to enquire.
  • Do I need a UK licence to drive the vehicle?
    We can insure UK & Non UK licence holders between the ages of 25 to 70 years, subject to approval from our insurers.
  • Can I drive with points on my licence?
    Up to a maximum of 6 points for speeding & parking offences - anything above this will need to be approved by our insurers.
  • Is insurance & breakdown cover included within the cost of the hire?
    Yes, you will be provided with fully comprehensive insurance & breakdown cover.
  • Can I obtain my own insurance for the vehicle?
    No, we supply the insurance to ensure an adequate level of cover is provided.
  • Can I take the vehicle abroad?
    We allow travel within the EU, subject to a minimum hire period and an additional one off charge of £150 per booking
  • Can I take a pet?
    All our vehicles are pet friendly - subject to our pet policy. (see Terms & Conditions)
  • How many seat belts do the vehicles have?
    All the 4 berth motorhomes have 4 seatbelts Nemo the campervan has 5 seatbelts Both 6 berth motorhomes have 6 seatbelts
  • Do you have any automatic vehicles?
    George our 6 berth Motorhome is automatic Nemo our campervan is automatic
  • What time can I collect and return the vehicle?
    Collection time is normally 9am and return time is normally is 3pm. However, we can be flexible with timings subject to prior agreement.
  • Can I leave my car at the depot?
    Yes, you can leave your car on our gated driveway. All vehicles are left at your own risk.
  • Do I need to pay a security deposit?
    All hirers are required to pay a security deposit on collection. For the campervan this is £750. For the motorhomes this is £1,000
  • When will the security deposit be refunded?
    Your deposit will be refunded after we have checked the vehicle and its contents for any damage, or any missing items, normally within 48 hours. Go Roaming reserve the right to take up to 5 days to carry out additional checks to a vehicles condition after the return date in order to ensure it is clean and undamaged.
  • Are the vehicles Winterised?
    All our vehicles come with warm air heating. Our motorhomes also have hot water.
  • Does the motorhome have air conditioning?
    The main vehicle cab area provides air conditioning with cool air vents located throughout the rest of the vehicle. The camper van does have air conditioning
  • Is there a cooker/hob and microwave?
    The campervan comes with 2 ring gas hobs, as well as an outdoor camping stove (Cadac). Chester, the 4 berth motorhome comes with 3 burner gas hob, oven grill and microwave. Vinnie and Alice the 4 berth motorhomes and both 6 berth motorhomes come with 3 burner gas hob, oven and grill.
  • Is there a TV?
    All our motorhomes have a TV. Our camper van does not have a TV.
  • Is the gas supplied?
    Yes, gas bottles are supplied. See our T&Cs for further details.
  • Can I use the electric sockets in the motorhome if not attached to an electricity supply?
    No, the plug sockets will only work if you are hooked up to an electricity supply. The motorhome has a leisure battery, which will provide the power for the lights and the water pump if mains electricity is not available. A fully-charged leisure battery can last for up to 72 hours with conservative use. The USB sockets in the camper and the motorhomes will work without being hooked up to an electricity supply.
  • Is bedding provided?
    For the motorhomes we provide sheets. You will need to supply all other bedding and towels.
  • What appliances work on gas within the motorhome?
    The gas will run your hob/grill. Fridge. (if not hooked up to an electricity supply) Hot water. Heating.
  • What are the benefits of hooking up to the mains electricity?
    Plug sockets will be able to be used when hooked up to mains electricity. The fridge can be used whilst on mains electricity thus reducing quantity of gas used. The leisure battery will recharge when connected to an electricity supply. Heating and hot water will work when connected to an electricity supply, reducing the quantity of gas used.
  • How do I return my motorhome/camper van?
    All vehicles must be returned to by 3pm. All vehicles are required to be returned with the same level of fuel as was present at the beginning of the period of hire. All motor homes are required to be returned with an empty toilet cassette and and empty grey water tank, the contents of which are only to be disposed of at approved disposal points. Vehicles are expected to be returned in a clean and tidy condition. All floors clean. Refuse removed. Bathroom clean and tidy. Surfaces wiped. Kitchen Itinerary washed and replaced.
  • Do your vehicles have a tow bar?
    No, none of our vehicles are fitted with a tow bar.
  • Does the motorhome have a bike rack?
    Yes, the motorhomes come fitted with a bike rack which carries up to 4 bikes. Nemo the camper van has a bike rack which can carry up to 4 bikes.
  • Whilst out in the motorhome/campervan, where can I park overnight?"
    In England, it is illegal to park overnight in an undesignated area eg roadside layby, supermarket or service area car parks. We recommend you book an approved campsite.
  • Do you have any information on campsites?
    We have arranged membership with the Camping and Caravan club at no cost to you, enabling membership rates at all their sites.
  • Do you provide kitchen & dining utensils?
    Yes, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils are included. As is a dishcloth, tea towel, toilet roll and lots more.
  • Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?
    By law and for the comfort of our customers, smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles.
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